Patient Care During Hospitalization

Transport and Hospital Admission

You can make your own arrangements to trailer your horse to and from our hospital, or allow us to make the arrangements for you. Upon arrival to the clinic one of our staff will help you unload and place your horse in a stall. At the time of admission, basic information is collected to identify any areas of potential concern, and enable us to address any individual needs required during hospitalization.

Housing and Husbandry

All surgical patients are housed in our seven stall barn during hospitalization. We are happy to accommodate specific feed regimens or other individual needs on client request.

Patient Preparation

Whether your horse is being admitted for surgery, nuclear scintigraphy, or another procedure, all hospitalized patients undergo a detailed physical examination prior to any invasive or advanced procedure. This enables us to identify any areas of potential concern and ensure an optimal state of health prior to the procedure being performed. Please visit the Surgery or Nuclear Scintigraphy pages, for more information on these areas specifically.