Equipped with the latest diagnostic and imaging tools, Ontario Equine Team provides imaging services that better enhance our ability to identify and treat medical conditions effectively. Enhanced imaging enables our veterinarians to diagnose conditions that are difficult to detect. It is paramount in determining a treatment plan with a speedy recovery.


Our 3-dimensional ultrasound unit enables detailed evaluation of both soft tissue and bony structures. Uses include the evaluation of tendons, ligaments, musculature, joints, and other bony structures. It may be used as a diagnostic tool, or to monitor the progress of injuries/lesions over time.

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Digital Radiography

Our Universal Digital Radiography system enables us to obtain an image within seconds of taking a radiograph, with the capability to magnify, contrast, and enhance images for maximal information. Other advantages of the digital radiography system include increased detail of both bone and surrounding soft tissue structures, and consistent image quality. On request, we would be happy to provide an electronic copy to clients.

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Video Endoscopy

Ontario Equine Hospital is equipped with a high resolution Tele-View USB video endoscope. This can be used in the hospital or at farm to investigate the upper airway of our patients, it is also used with our DiodeVET Surgical Laser. The images captured by the camera on the end of the endoscope is visible on a computer screen and images and video may be captured and stored for our records.