Dr. Tara Richards

Dr. Tara Richards is a board certified ophthalmologist with the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO). She grew up in northern Ontario and has been involved with horses since she was a little girl. After completing her DVM degree from OVC, she worked in private practice for a couple of years before pursuing her ophthalmology residency and PhD also at the OVC. As an ophthalmologist, Dr. Richards treats all species big and small, but she has a particular love for her equine patients. In her spare time, she competes her reining horse, Dallas, and enjoys spending time with her family.

Ophthalmic Exams
• pre-purchase exam • cases with ophthalmic concerns (corneal ulcers, eyelid disease)
Surgical Ophthalmology Services
• adnexal surgery (eyelid reconstruction, trichiasis, distichia, nasolacrimal disease, foreign bodies, neoplasia) • corneal and conjunctival surgery • third eyelid surgery (resection, removal, cryosurgery) • surgical management of uveitis • enucleation
Coming Soon!
• Photodynamic therapy • Laser treatment • Corneal crosslinking
Telemedicine Consults
• To create a bridge treatment plan between referral and exam time • Cases who cannot refer (location, finances, unable to travel) • PPE with interesting findings • Cases where you would like confirmation you are on the right track